Smartphones are the talk of the town right now. Every day, we see an updated smartphone that has new features on the market. The same applies to mobile apps listed in Google Play and App Store. There are a variety of categories on the App Store to make use of every day and meet your daily requirements.

It could be clothes, groceries or food delivery, music or beauty, salon services, etc. Everything is just a few clicks away. In the same way, we have taxi firms that have shifted to the development of taxi-booking apps to expand their customer base and grow their business.

Several ridesharing companies have launched their applications to offer customers more convenience for commuting to any location. To stand out from the crowd, it is essential to create an app that provides passengers with hassle-free reservations of rides.

Let's look at the unique taxi booking app features that can be added while developing the application.

Five Cab Booking App Features You Need to Be Aware of

We have listed the most important features the app for booking taxis should have. It makes it simpler and more convenient for users and the company. Let's explore.

Set Drop Details

The location for pickup and drop-off is an essential feature that can aid the user and driver in identifying one another within a particular location or at a specific point. In this case, the user has to specify the drop and pickup locations for the driver to know the distance, and then the app can set the exact price.

We've often seen major companies like Uber and Lyft frequently stop the ride once they have identified the drop location. It is why the feature plays a crucial part in understanding the location so that drivers can decide to decline the ride right away after the have searched for a taxi.


Geolocation is an aspect that permits drivers to locate and track the current position of the user. For instance, it permits the taxi booking application to locate the current location and then set the pickup automatically. When users open the app to book a taxi, it automatically determines the location when they've enabled the GPS option. It can only do it with the geolocation feature within your mobile app.

If you are concerned, you're thinking that the taxi reservation app's costs are going up, Do not remove this feature. It's as crucial as tracking drivers' details and allowing users to book a taxi without having to type in the whole address of the pickup.

Confirmation and Cancellation

The driver's app most often handles reminders or cancelations of rides. This feature allows the driver to request an available taxi. The system will inform the closest driver, and based on the availability, the driver will choose to either accept or decline the trip.

A taxi booking application developed by experts will ensure that the final app has this fantastic feature for drivers. After the driver has confirmed the ride, should the driver not be able to follow the plan of service to the customer, they may decide to cancel the ride for an acceptable reason and choose one of the choices. The notification will be sent to the customer. In some cases, the app can automatically assign drivers closest to the user's location once the driver has canceled the trip.

Real-Time Tracking

One of the app's main functions is monitoring the driver's current condition. It is the most effective feature that businesses can install to track the driver's location and activities. With live GPS, passengers can track the live whereabouts of the driver following making the reservation. They can determine the driver's location and the time required to get to them.

Users can also communicate the live location to family members or friends to ensure security. The en-route feature is crucial, and this app needs to include this feature in the development of the taxi booking app. It allows the driver to pick up and drop off passengers without hassle.

Payment Options

Payment is the main characteristic of any application available at present. Without it, the users won't prefer using the application. This feature allows drivers to verify the price and accept a customer's payment option. The company should offer various payment options for customers to book a taxi in addition to cash payments using online transactions, debit/credit card alternatives, and payment wallets. It could allow clients to reserve a ride each time they have to travel quickly.

A unique feature that permits drivers to select an in-app chat option to notify the passenger when they arrive at the destination of their pickup. Another feature of the app is that it helps the company grow and allows users to use it fully. The app you create allows users to select any payment method among the many options available that can be integrated using API functionality.

Interfaces between Taxi Booking Development

In the realm of mobile application development, you will need three different panels to build. The first is for the drivers, the other is for the company's admin, and the final is intended for users. With these options, any business looking to create an app will have essential features to include. Let's look at what additional features the different apps require.

Passenger App

What is the most important thing a user needs?

The panels designed and created for passengers are integrated with elements and features with your convenience at heart. However, it also comes with registration, login ID, and login to begin the application and book the trip. Additional features are listed below:

  • A responsive User Interface
  • Easy Navigation
  • Booking The History
  • Payment Options
  • Review and feedback
  • Include more Stops
  • Booking Slots
  • Cab Selection
  • Real-Time Tracker
  • Promo Codes
  • The Book for Others
  • Platform Support
  • Referral Rewards
  • Details of the Invoice Details, along with Email Alerts

Driver App

The screen designed for drivers will focus on the tasks required by drivers. The drivers, too, will have to log in and sign up with their profile, including photos and contact information. The panel's page on the homepage is where drivers can view the requests for rides from the passengers. They can quickly accept or decline the request if not in the area.

If they decide to take the trip, they must confirm their payment before continuing. Other functions on the driver panel include:

  • Push Notifications
  • GPS GPS feature
  • Fare Calculator
  • Cab Sharing Option
  • Live Tracking of the Destination
  • Multilingual Support
  • Information about the trip
  • Track Earnings
  • Rate Customer
  • Cancellation of Booking
  • Contact Passenger

Admin Panel

The admin Panel is intended to oversee the taxi industry, including the drivers and user panels. It can monitor the movements of the driver and their whereabouts. The main reason for creating an administrator panel is to simplify the process and incorporate CRM to manage the data seamlessly. This application connects to the other panels and provides instant and seamless responses to users and drivers, allowing them to collaborate. The functions of an admin panel consist of the following:

  • Secure Login
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Control Drivers
  • Track Drivers
  • Manage Customers
  • Control the vehicles
  • Manage Tariff
  • Maintenance of vehicles
  • Country Settings
  • Setting up Currency and Language Settings


Develop your Taxi App Now!

Suppose you're thinking of creating a company that assists people in commuting daily within a reasonable timeframe and on time. In that case, the characteristics mentioned above of each panel app are crucial. Taxi apps can be reliable only if you speak to the most reliable mobile app development firm. 

They will assist you in developing the best taxi booking app development manual that includes the essentials about the functionalities and features, the development process, and how to design and build apps within your budget. Employing the top developers or outsourcing a company to integrate the most important features into the app could assist in getting a better return on investment. It will draw more users and drivers to become part of the business. These five top functions are sure to be added to the application. Beyond that, you could examine the UX and UI for the app that will increase the revenue of your business and attract more customers to use your app.

If you're finding it difficult, examine the top-rated apps in the market-dominating the taxi market. Some companies can help you develop an identical app to make it easier to offer smooth and easy ride services.